Storm Damage Photo Gallery

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Hurricane season is upon us!

With hurricane season upon us, we need to be mindful of what we need to prepare for in case of an emergency. Since we live at the beach it is more likely for our area to be hit with hurricane damage, just know you can call us here at SERVPRO of Carteret & East Onslow Counties day or night, 24/7, in the situation of an emergency. 

Storm Damage on the Coast

Storm Damage on the Coast

SERVPRO of Carteret and East Onslow Counties is located right on the coast, with that being said any storm that comes our way can be a threat. When you hear that a storm is forming call us for a ERP so we can be faster to any size disaster! 

Storm Damage at Restaurant in Cape Carteret, NC

Storm Damage at Restaurant in Cape Carteret, NC

This restaurant local to Cape Carteret experienced water damage from a storm that brought a lot of rain. The water backed up in the parking lot which resulted in the water coming back into the restaurant.  

Water on tile floor

Storm Damage in Cedar Point, NC

A rain storm caused this homes sump pump to fail, resulting in 3 inches of water in the lower level of the home. We arrived quickly and were able to extract the water.

Fire damage

Storm Damage in Hubert, NC

This mitigation was a tricky one, this home has water and fire damage. The house was struck by lightning in the middle of a storm, this resulted in the house catching fire, the fire was able to be put out but this was all in the middle of a storm which caused water to pour in from the rain. 

Water pocket in ceiling

Water Damage in Morehead, NC

This water damage was caused by a storm we had a few months back, the owner's main residence is not near here so they were unable to come check on their house for a few months. When they arrived to their vacation home they were surprised to find terrible water damage. The house had been sitting unattended for so long that mold growth had taken over the home. This was a complete demo.