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We have the best crew!

We have the best crew!

We have a great crew here at SERVPRO of Carteret & E. Onslow Counties and we are so thankful for each and everyone of them!

The Office Ladies!

The Office Ladies!

We can't forget about the rest of our cew! Let's give it up for our ladies!!! Although these gals arent physically going out and drying jobs or doing demo, they are at the office answering customer calls, going back and forth with adjusters and making sure every step of the remediation process goes as smooth as possible!

People standing in front of green vans

Crew Phtoto 2023!

It's 2023 and it is a new year! We are thankful for the crew we have, the ones who have been here a long time and the ones who have just came on board! It's going to be a good year with these guys and gals(not pictured)! 

Servpro booth

2022 Cape fear Claims Association Golf Tournament

Last Friday, SERVPRO of Carteret & East Onslow was a sponsor at the 2022 Cape Fear Claims Association Golf Tournament, we had such a great time and we were proud to be a sponsor!

People standing in front of building

Updated crew pic 2022!

It has been two years since we got our new owners and look how much our team has grown! 

From left to right: Brent R, Megan, Hank(pup), Jimmy, Stewart, Mark, Jonathan, Kyle, Lindsey, Brent E, Nancy, Oakley(pup), Bryson, Shane, Phil, Bobby and Dakota.

Man standing in front of green van

IICRC Certified

SERVPRO of Carteret & East Onslow wants the customer to always have the best experience when using us. Here at SERVPRO we are not only a IICRC certified firm but we also pay to have our technicians and staff certified in water, fire and mold. Bryson came to work with us in January and has just completed his IICRC certification program for Water. We like for the crew to work on the job for a little while before taking the class so they can associate the book knowledge to their on job experiences. So far, all of our people have completed and passed there exam on the first try! We are very proud of them and cant wait to see them exceed! 

Water damage on ceiling

Water Damage in Morehead City, NC

This home suffered from a small water damage located in the garage, the water damage was caused by a washing machine malfunction on the second floor. Thankfully there was not a lot of damage caused. 

Servpro guy in suit cleaning

SERVPRO a commercial cleaning you can count on!

Here at SERVPRO we don't only clean and remediate residential properties, we also remediate commercial properties, whether it be water, fire or mold damage, we are here to help your business! 

Servpro ladies in front of green van

SERVPRO the best team to work with!

Here at SERVPRO of Carteret & East Onslow Counties we are always looking for reliable and eager guys and gals to work with! If you are wanting to work with the best team around come by and meet us we would love to have you!  

Fire webs

Fire containment, no such thing!

Though you may think your small kitchen fire was contained in the just the kitchen, and you see no physical damage in the rest of the home, that may not be true. Smoke can travel throughout the home via atmosphere and the HVAC unit if the air or heat is running, soot traveling through the home can cause soot webs to form in corners and at the ceiling. 

Servpro hurricane image

Hurricane season is upon us!

With hurricane season upon us, we need to be mindful of what we need to prepare for in case of an emergency. Since we live at the beach it is more likely for our area to be hit with hurricane damage, just know you can call us here at SERVPRO of Carteret & East Onslow Counties day or night, 24/7, in the situation of an emergency. 

Fire Damage in kitchen

Fire Damage in Newport, NC

Fires can happen when you least expect it, in this case we were called out to this home in Newport after the mother was cooking her family dinner when a freak accident happened causing a fire to start in the kitchen, though the fire was contained in the kitchen, soot damage occurred throughout the house.

SERVPRO employees

Why SERVPRO? Why not!

Here at SERVPRO of Carteret and East Onslow Counties we pride ourselves in having the best crew around, our team is thoughtful, responsible, and hardworking. They understand that when we are called out to a job, the homeowner is in a tough situation, therefore they are understanding and sympathize with the customer and try and make the situation as smooth and painless as possible. They are simply the best! 

Wet wood flooring

Water Damage In Bath

SERVPRO was called out to a water loss in Bath, NC. Though it was not in our district, we are always happy to help. This shop experienced a water leak from a busted pipe located on the second story of the building, at the top of the building there was living quarters so SERVPRO had to extract water from the carpet and then removed the carpet. The ground flooring was only concrete so that was fairly simple to dry with SERVPRO dehus and air movers. 

Wet Hallway Flooring

Water Damage at a Church in Jacksonville

This church located in Jacksonville, NC suffered from a busted water line which caused flooding throughout the church, the water was flowing for a little while before anybody was made aware of the situation. SERVPRO was called out to the scene and acted quickly extracting the water and setting up drying equipment. 

Birthday party fun

Birthday Fun

We are missing a few of our crew members in this photo but we love celebrating employee birthdays!! we are thankful for all of our employees and we love to celebrate their birthdays to show how much they are appreciated and mean to us! 

Crew Picture

Radio Show Appearance

We were recently on the Henry Hinton "Talk of the Town" radio show, be listening on the radio for our local commercial! 

Hotel Water Damage

Commercial Water Damage

Water damage can strike anywhere and at any time. SERVPRO of Carteret and East Onslow Counties is proud to serve its community, whether it be for our residential customers or our commercial customers, we are here to help! 

Storm Damage on the Coast

Storm Damage on the Coast

SERVPRO of Carteret and East Onslow Counties is located right on the coast, with that being said any storm that comes our way can be a threat. When you hear that a storm is forming call us for a ERP so we can be faster to any size disaster! 

Mold in Retail Store in Morehead City, NC

Mold in Retail Store in Morehead City, NC

This department store was experiencing a mold issue, when we arrived at the store we took a look around to see the damage, our guys sat down and got a plan together to see what it was we needed to do. 


Why SERVPRO? Because we do it all!

Here at SERVPRO of Carteret and East Onslow Counties we do everything possible to make sure our community and customers are happy and taken care of. We got a call to clean the carpets on this beautiful Yacht, this was a request that we had never had before but we were happy to go out and take care of it! The owner of the boat was very please with our work. 

Fire Damage Clean up

Fire Damage Clean up

So, how do we clean after fires?Cleaning in fire damage restoration means removing smoke residues and removing smoke odors all through out the residence. At SERVPRO we also do a duct cleaning on each fire job so therefore the odor does not return once the HVAC has been turned back on. 

Hero Ready

Hero Ready

SERVPRO may be a hero to some when they are in need of our services but the real heroes are our law enforcement and first responders. SERVPRO of Carteret and East Onslow Counties fully support are local law enforcement agencies and first responders. We appreciate all that they do!

Water Damage in Sneads Ferry, NC

Water Damage in Sneads Ferry, NC

This water damage occurred after a pipe had busted, resulting in the whole bottom level of the home to be flooded. This was an emergency call that came through in the middle of the night, SERVPRO arrived immediately and went right to work. 

Fire in Kitchen

Fire Damage in Hubert, NC

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Hubert when we arrived on the scene. There was significant smoke and soot damage. The owner couldn't believe how quickly and completely we were able to clean the soot from the walls and ceiling. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage in Hubert, NC

Fire Damage in Hubert, NC

This home in Hubert, NC had a fire start in the kitchen due to a battery charger catching fire, the fire was small and was quickly put out but the soot and smoke webs affected the whole home. 

Servpro Trucks

SERVPRO, your Water Restoration PROFESSIONALS

SERVPRO of Carteret and East Onslow Counties has new owners as of March 2020, one of the first things the new owners wanted to do was purchase new work trucks. SERVPRO wants the image of being professional, what better way then showing up to the job in a fresh new vehicle! 

Servpro of Carteret & East Onslow Counties Team

SERVPRO of Carteret & East Onslow Counties Team

Here at SERVPRO of Carteret and East Onslow Counties we are all about our team and crew! We are so thankful for the team members we have been blessed with! 

Storm Damage at Restaurant in Cape Carteret, NC

Storm Damage at Restaurant in Cape Carteret, NC

This restaurant local to Cape Carteret experienced water damage from a storm that brought a lot of rain. The water backed up in the parking lot which resulted in the water coming back into the restaurant.  

Water on tile floor

Storm Damage in Cedar Point, NC

A rain storm caused this homes sump pump to fail, resulting in 3 inches of water in the lower level of the home. We arrived quickly and were able to extract the water.

Water Damage to floors

Water Damage in Hubert, NC

SERVPRO of Carteret and East Onslow Counties arrived to this home to find the whole first floor flooded. There was a water leak in the middle of the night which caused water to flood the whole downstairs, water was coming out of the house and into the yard. SERVPRO extracted the water, removed wet molding, and removed affected trim. We also set equipment up so that the house could dry properly. 

Water damage on floor

Water Damage at School in Jacksonville, NC

This school experienced water damage to their walls, floors and ceilings due to a AC hose bursting, this caused water to leak from the ceilings, down the walls and onto the floor. SERVPRO arrived immediately and extracted the water, unfortunately all the drywall could not be saved and we had to cut out part of the walls. SERVPRO also did the reconstruction at this job. The customers were very thankful and pleased with our work. 

Fire damage

Storm Damage in Hubert, NC

This mitigation was a tricky one, this home has water and fire damage. The house was struck by lightning in the middle of a storm, this resulted in the house catching fire, the fire was able to be put out but this was all in the middle of a storm which caused water to pour in from the rain. 

Water damage in church

Water Damage at a Church in Jacksonville, NC

This church experienced water damage due to an AC hose bursting, this caused the hallway to be flooded. SERVPRO of Carteret and East Osnlow Counites arrived on site immediately to extract the water. 

Water Damage on the floor

Water Damage in Jacksonville, NC

This home had water damage caused by a water line bursting, which resulted in the downstairs flooding. SERVPRO of Carteret and East Onslow Counties went out as soon as were called, we extracted the water but we had to remove the flooring in order to dry the sub floor properly.  

Water pocket in ceiling

Water Damage in Morehead, NC

This water damage was caused by a storm we had a few months back, the owner's main residence is not near here so they were unable to come check on their house for a few months. When they arrived to their vacation home they were surprised to find terrible water damage. The house had been sitting unattended for so long that mold growth had taken over the home. This was a complete demo. 

Water damage in hallway

Water Damage at a College in Jacksonville, NC

SERVPRO of Carteret and East Onslow Counties were called out to a local college in Jacksonville to immediately extract water caused from a pipe bursting in the middle of the night. It was very important for our team to get there promptly in order to dry and save and salvage as much as possible. Unfortunately after our production crew left the site after placing equipment, another pipe burst and we were right there within the hour to take care of the second water damage. It was very important we get there and extract the water quickly so therefore mold wouldn't be an issue. Overall the college was very pleased with our work and with everything getting done in a timely manner.  

Burnt room

Fire Damage in Hotel Room

This hotel had fire damage in one of their rooms due to a fire, started by a cigarette. Not only did this hotel have fire damage but it also had water damage due to the sprinklers going off throughout the hotel.   

Commercial Duct Cleaning

This is one of our SERVPRO technicians performing a commercial duct cleaning. Here at SERVPRO of Carteret and East Onslow Counties we provide residential and commercial HVAC duct cleaning. It always good to make sure your HVAC duct lines are free from dust and depris for it can be hazardous to yout HVAC system, your home and also to your health. Call us today to get those HVAC duct lines clean!


Paul is our production manager and he is certified in water, fire and mold and he also has Xactimate certification. Paul is a huge asset to our team and we thank him for all he contributes to our team! 

SERVPRO of Carteret and East Onslow Counties

We are so proud of our State of the Art facility here in Swansboro NC. We are in a convenient area so we can properly serve all of Carteret county and East Onslow County.