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Drive the Five: Staff Development

6/9/2020 (Permalink)


Staff development is one of the toughest jobs we do as leaders. We hire managers and ensure they align with the company culture and values. We rely on them to develop the team within your company culture and values. Of course, we model the culture and live the values as the leader, and we know everything we do is being observed as validation of our alignment to those values. If we do so, the company culture is solid and everyone is aligned to what matters most. 

Yes, you focus on Driving the Five: Customer Service, Revenue Growth, Profitability, Management and Staff Development. Your team understands why each critical outcome is so important to the company well-being and developing opportunities for the team moving forward. Staff development starts with every teammate understanding this information!

Yes, you focus on the five SERVPRO Core Values: Believe in a Dream, Grow Relationships, Share the SERVPRO Story, Financially Frugal, and Follow the System. Your team understands why each core value matters, especially in challenging times like these. Each of the values takes on real meaning when we see the harvest of whether or not we have been living these values in our company! No matter what the current situation, the best action is committing to execute on the core values even better than before!

We also rely on our managers to onboard new teammates and to continue their training and development. We rely on management to keep developing the skills and abilities of every teammate and to set specific objectives to improve the results of their work on the team. We make sure they use their SSO so we can track efforts at accessing training resources and continually learning. As the leader we keep learning and growing as well, and we take time to connect with the management team, the staff, and to mentor when appropriate. Our team knows we care about their growth, and it’s a priority we expect them to care about as well. It sounds easy to do, but we know it’s difficult to make happen in our organization.

Staff development is a critical outcome that drives the quality of the team and determines the success of the mission. As the leader, work with your managers to focus on staff development. One Team developing! -Rick Isaacson